Are you ready to let go of anger?

Do you feel angry more than joyful? Maybe parenting feels harder than you expected?

Most parents I work with say that they just want to ENJOY raising their children and wonder why it feels so hard. Some even believe that their gentle/respectful/calm/peaceful parenting approach is triggering their anger more than before.

This is frusterating and confusing.

But, you don't need to keep feeling triggered with feelings of frusteration and anger...... you can find ENJOYMENT in parenthood!!

Have you noticed yourself....

  • having outburts out of nowhere
  • holding on to anger long after a situation
  • feeling triggered by your child's behaviors
  • experiencing physical symptoms such as tighness of chest, clenching of jaw, or headaches

But you are CRAVING to....

  • regulate yourself
  • let go of anger + reset your day
  • show up with calm + understand for your children
  • help your body to find rest after stressful moments

Imagine what it would be like to show up with peace, calm, and compassion...... even when your child is expressing triggering behaviors.

You would feel EMPOWERED.... PROUD... and maybe even excited that this moment didn't derail your whole day!

This would give you the confidence that you can effectively parent your child and be fully present in these moments (rather than being stuck in anger).


You Can Let Go of Your Anger (for good)

Hey there, I'm Alexis!

I'm a momma to two little girls and a parenting coach. Almost a year ago, I took a leap of faith and signed up for parenting school.

After completely transforming my life, it's become my mission to help parents (like you) become the parents they were made to be.

My hope is that I can help you fill your parenting toolbox, so you can be a parent you are proud of!

I thought I wasn't supposed to be a mother....

Because I felt anger and had postpartum rage... that led me to believe there was something wrong with me.

This was not true.

I just was never taught the tools to regulate myself when I was feeling angry.

After doing SO much inner work, I've found freedom from this belief..... I've found my way back to trusting that I was MADE to be a mother.... and honestly... it's my favorite job in the world!!!

But, I haven't forgotten how hard this journey has been to rediscover myself as a mom, lean into my innate abilities to mother, and most of all learn how to regulate myself when I'm feeling triggered. 

I believe that EVERY parent has the ability to learn how to navigate anger, so they can start enjoying being a parent again!

About the Letting Go of Anger Workshop

  • 1 Hour Workshop
  • Workbook
  • Live Q+A
  • Recording (lifetime access)

How Things Have Changed Since Letting Go of Anger

  • Full Days of Regulation
  • Welcoming My Feelings
  • Accepting My Child's Emotions
  • New Belief that I am a Calm Parent

I want you to have access to this information no matter what your financial situation is. That's why I'm offering this workshop for only $10! I believe every parent deserves to have these tools!!

Feel free to email me with any additional questions: