Ways to Work Together

It's important to me that I meet every family where they are at financially.

I want this information to be accessible to everyone and I don't want money to be what's holding you back.

This investment is something you will reap the benefits of for YEARS to come (I could even argue generations to come).

As your parenting coach, it's my mission to help you break generational cycles and prioritize raising good, loving, empathetic, compassionate, and emotionally literate people!

Services I Offer...

  • Empowered Parenting Program
  • Individual Sessions
  • Workshops

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All-In Empowered Parenting Program | $100 $67 per session

Are you ready to completely transform how you show up as a parent?

This 12 Week program will leave you feeling confident, prepared, and ready to tackle ANYTHING that comes up in your parenting. It's my goal that you become your own parenting coach, through learning the tools and skills necessary to navigate every situation.

You will receive a 12 Week Curriculum through the Jai Institute for parenting. Where you will learn about brain science, nervous system regulation, communication skills, anger tools, learning how to play, and so much more!

Each week we will meet for a 1 hour one-on-one session, where we will deep dive into triggers, create plans and strategies, and will help give you direction in how you want to show up as a parent. 

You will also have about 2 hours of homework each week; a video from the Jai Curriculum and Workbook.

  • 12 Coaching Calls
  • 12 Week Jai Parenting Curriculum
  • 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Communicate between Sessions via email Monday-Friday
  • Recordings of each session to download 

Total Price: $1200 $800

Heart of Parenting Program | $125 $75 per session

Are you wanting to feel confident in how you parent?? The Heart of Parenting was created to help you begin your journey to becoming a calm parent. 

Over 4 weeks, we will dive into into the four areas that I believe are critical for parents to learn; Communication, Connection, Apologies, and Boundaries!

You will gain everything you need to show up with confidence, no matter how old your child is!

The curriculum includes video sessions (about 1 hour) + workbook.

The pace is up to you! We can meet weekly... or you can go through the curriculum and choose when you need sessions.

I created this course knowing that parents are busy... so l want to follow your lead!!

  • 4 Coaching Calls
  • Self-Paced Curriculum Included
  • 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Communicate between Sessions via email Monday-Friday
  • Recordings of each session to download 

Total Price: $500 $300

•• [Discounted Rates are running through May 31st, 2024]

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Individual Coaching Sessions | $100  $85

Individual sessions are great for if you are curious about parent coaching or want to add sessions on to the Empowered Parenting Program or Group Containers.

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Recordings of each session to download 

Monthly Workshops | $10

Each month I offer a LIVE workshop, where I talk about a different parenting topic that I believe will help you to become a better parent!

  • 1 Hour Zoom Call
  • LIVE Q+A
  • Workbook
  • Recording

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Q1: Can my spouse and I do this together?

A: I encourage it!! I believe that the most transformational work happens when couples are on the same page. It's beautiful see couples find empowerment together.


Q2: How do sessions work?

A: I will send you a Zoom link for our call. I will record each session and you will have 7 days to download it, if you would like!


Q3: What is the curriculum?

A: I use Jai's 12 Week Transformational Parenting Curriculum to guide us through the Empowered Parenting Program + Group Sessions. 


Q4: What if we aren't a good fit?

A: If we decided to start working together and you later feel we aren't a good fit, I am more than happy to work things out. You will be financially responsible for session that we've completed, but I will refund you for the remaining sessions.


Q5: What if I can't make a session?

A: No problem! But, please give me a 24 hour notice. After this time, you will be charged for the session whether or not you show up.


Q5: Why is there an application?

A: This gives me the opportunity to get to know you before our consultation call. If for some reason I believe that we won't be a good fit, I won't waste either of our time!

Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask me any questions alexis@slowishparenting.com