Are you craving Slowness + Peace in your Family?

Do you ever wish that you could step back in time, to a simpler life?

Back when people raised their children based on intuition and trust within themselves.

Imagine what it would be like to slow down and show up with confidence, clarity, and love in your parenting. 

What if I told you that it's possible, even during some of the most chaotic moments (I'm talking sibling fights and temper tantrums), that you can regulate yourself and parent from a place of peace?

That afterward you wouldn't feel burned out. 

Rather, you would experience joy and contentment as a parent.

If you are Struggling with:

  • Overwhelm
  • Overstimulation
  • Rage + Anger
  • Yelling
  • Mom Guilt
  • Burnout

But want to Experience:

  • Calm + Peace
  • Sense of Direction
  • Joy + Fufilment
  • Connection with your child
  • Confidence in Parenting
  • Regulation

You have come to the right place.

Parent Coaching will help you discover:

• Who you are as a parent

• How you want to show up

• Tools to regulate yourself + your children


My job isn't to tell you HOW to parent your kids, it's helping you to figure out what your child NEEDS.

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Hey There, I'm Alexis!

I was drained, exhausted, and overwhlemed. I wanted to live this beautiully intentional life with my children, but something was holding me back.

I believed that I was stuck in this perpetual cycle of postpartum rage and mom guilt.

I absolutely hated who I was as a mother. And yet, I was confused because all I had ever wanted to be was a mother. Growing up I was always "mom" when I played house with my friends, I loved nurturing my baby dolls and was constatnatly practicing my cooking skills on my Fisher Price play kitchen.

What happened? Why wasn't this coming easily for me?

That's when I took a leap of faith and signed up for parenting school.

I signed up for what I assumed would help me change my oldest daughter's "behavioral issues."


This is when I realized that parenting had NOTHING to do with my daughter... and everything to do with me.

This was such a hard pill to swallow.

Day by day, my life began to change... and all of a sudden...

I realized I had become the parent I'd always wanted to be... and somehow better!

Connection with my children became my number one priority.

The slow and intentional life I had been chasing for years, finally came to fruition.

I could breathe again.

The CRAZIEST part is that I was parenting imperfectly........ and I didn't feel mom guilt.

There was pure joy and fulfillment in my parenting for the first time in my life.

As my transformation began to unfold, it became evident that I was meant to become a parenting coach.

It's become my mission to help families thrive again. I love helping parents discover themselves throughout this process.

This life is full of chaos, but we can find peace, calm, and slowness in our homes.. and that's what I want to help families find. 

Parent Coaching Gave Me:

  • It gave me my Motherly Intuition Back.
  • I found Slowness, Peace + Joy in my Parenting.
  • I became Confident in How I Was Raising My Children.
  • I Rekindle Connection with my Daughters.

The Impact of Coaching

From Aubrey, Mama with 2 Toddlers

"I am so forever thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Alexis as my Parenting Coach. This came at a very crucial time in my parenting journey as a mom to two young toddlers. I desperately needed some guidance in navigating the many tantrums and big feelings that are inevitable in those early toddler years. I was feeling desperate, lost, and as though I was spiraling out of control most days.

This course helped me to dive deep within myself, and look at a much bigger picture when it came to showing up fully for my children. I am so thankful that I had Alexis for support each week to help me sort through everything I was thinking and feeling during this big shift in perspective. After our 12 weeks I can confidently say that I feel I have a better grasp on how to regulate myself, how to name exactly what I am feeling, and be able to identify when I am getting to my breaking point. 

In turn, I have been able to help my little boy name what he is feeling and help him find the tools necessary to get to a place of calm. This course was so very eye opening. As someone who can be quite the skeptic, I have no doubt this course has transformed our household for the better. I have seen such drastic changes in myself and my oldest son since implementing what I have learned."

Kayla, Mama of a Two Year Old

"I really admired how she was able to be very relaxed, calm, and actively listening to what I was saying. I felt that she was really engaged in the conversation.

The questions she asked were really well constructed and ones that made me think deeper about what I was saying. Through answering the questions, I had even more appreciation for the growth my family has had through this experience.

She also had a very kind way of connecting to what I was saying with her own personal experience.

At the end, she took a moment to express appreciation and compliment the growth she has witnessed within me just from the few interactions we have had, that really meant a lot to me and was something not many people have done in my life

I was taken back by it but not in a bad way, it made me feel seen and I really appreciated that. 🥰"

What to Expect in your 30 Discovery Call

In this 30 minute meet and greet, we will talk about where you are as a parent and what your hopes are to receive from coaching.

This gives us the opportunity to see if I will be a good fit as a parent coach, for you and your family!

I encourage you to ask questions and get curious about this transformational parenting process.

Coaching vs. Therapy: What's the Difference?

I want to be clear about what you can expect from coaching, so there is no confusion!

Coaching and therapy can be beautifully woven together when done side by side. Some of the most amazing magic happens when a client works with both a therapist and coach.

Each professional is trained for very different purposes, but both make a huge impact on how you process and move through life.

Coaching is where we will explore the root causes to help you process, so that you can discover how to move forward. This is a future focused approach where we will set intentions and make actionable plans to reach your goals.

Therapy is focused on the WHY behind the way things are with the intention of finding healing in the future. This is about looking into the past to make sense of your current situation. These professionals are trained to access, diagnose, and treat those with mental health illnesses.

What is Parent Coaching?

We are the family cheerleaders! It's our mission to help you navigate the ups and downs of parenthood.

There are SO many aspects of this season we can help with:

• Understanding Triggers in Parenting

• Rekindling Connection with Your Child

• Working through Navigating your Child's Behaviors

• Tools to Regulate Yourself and your Child

• Making a Plan on How You Want to Parent

Coaching Services

It's my hope to meet every family where they are at financially. There are several ways we can work together, starting at just $50 a session!

During your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call, we can discuss which option may be best for you and your family!

Empowered Parenting Program

This 12-Week Parenting Program is for those who are ready for complete transformation. I will help you to find peace in who you are as a parent.

Group Parenting Containers

Do you need community + accountability? Group Containers are an affordable option for those who want to go through the Empowered Parenting Program.

Single Coaching Sessions

These à la carte sessions are a great place to start if you want to dip your toes into coaching. You can also add these on to the 12 Week Programs.

Monthly Parenting Workshops

Each month I offer a $10 workshop, that will radically change the way you show up as a parent. These are a great way to understand what I teach.


Q1: What Parenting Style is this?

A: I don't have one... hahah. But if I had to pick I would say that Gentle, Respectful, and Peaceful Parenting best represent my style. Although, it's my goal to help you parent in a way that you feel proud of!


Q2: What is your stance on punishments?

A: I do not believe that punishment is an effective way to raise children. This means no spanking, hitting, time outs, yelling, shaming.... but if you want to stop doing these things that's what I'm here for!


Q3: Will you help me stop my child's naughty behavior?

A: Coaching isn't for correcting a child, it's about learning why this is triggering for a parent. Our goal isn't to control the child, rather it's to understand the root of the behavior. As you begin understanding nervous system regulation and prioritize connection, your child's behavior will be a byproduct of all this beautiful work.


Q4: Can my spouse and I do this together?

A: I encourage it!! I believe that the most transformational work happens when couples are on the same page. It's beautiful see couples find empowerment together.


Q5: How do sessions work?

A: I will send you a Zoom link for our call. I will record each session and you will have 7 days to download it, if you would like!


Q6: What is your certification/training?

A: I received my certification through the Jai Institute for Parenting!


Q7: What is the curriculum?

A: I use Jai's 12 Week Transformational Parenting Curriculum to guide us through the Empowered Parenting Program + Group Sessions. 

Q8: What if we aren't a good fit?

A: If we decided to start working together and you later feel we aren't a good fit, I am more than happy to work things out. You will be financially responsible for session that we've completed, but I will refund you for the remaining sessions.


Q9: What if I can't make a session?

A: No problem! But, please give me a 24 hour notice. After this time, you will be charged for the session whether or not you show up.


Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask me any questions